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Puppy & Kitten: Are They a Good Match?

Are you unsure if you should have a puppy and a kitten at the same time? In this article, our Hattiesburg and Wiggins vets will provide you with information on raising puppies and kittens together.

Raising Puppies & Kittens Together

It is always exciting to get a new pet, but it can be scary to get two new fur babies at the same time. There are a lot of benefits to raising your new puppy and kitten together.

When dogs and cats are introduced properly at a young age, the hate and fear instinct that would typically develop doesn't have the chance to grow and increase, so they can overcome it a lot faster. This is not always the cause of aggression between cats and dogs. It can depend on the breed but in most cases, puppies and kittens can be the perfect match for each other.

Ensure you are taking your puppy and kitten to your veterinarian for checkups and annual wellness exams. It’s also important to ensure your puppies and kittens receive their shots or vaccinations on a specific schedule. After their initial shots, they’ll need to return to the veterinary clinic for boosters periodically. Your vet can recommend a vaccination schedule for your pets. 

Introduce Them Slowly 

When you first introduce your kitten and puppy, ensure that they can see each other but also have their own separate spaces. A good way to start is by placing them in adjacent rooms with a baby gate in between. Introducing your puppy and kitten early on is a good way to help them get accustomed to each other.

Expect some excitement when you introduce your pets this way. It's normal if your kitten hisses and spits at your dog as they establish boundaries with a new companion.

These initial introductions aim to observe positive reactions or even indifference. If your puppy and kitten are content doing their own thing while in each other's presence, it's a positive sign that they can live together safely and comfortably.

Managing Your Pet's Time Together

Our vets can teach you how to ensure a healthy interaction between your kitten and puppy. You can do this by overseeing and tracking their time spent together is important. By observing how their bond evolves, you can determine the best approach. Consider these options based on your puppy and kitten's unique personalities:

Avoid having your dog and cat in the house alone together. Separate them in different rooms or crate/cage them. Try not to have your puppy and kitten eat at the same time or in the same place.

Dogs can be protective of their food and may get confrontational with your kitten, even if the kitten was only sniffing the interesting food their sibling is eating.
Set up safe areas of your home for each pet to be alone if they would like. This can include teaching each of your pets to stay out of the other's space, getting your puppy a crate, or setting aside the upstairs or basement for one pet or the other.

Reasons They Are a Good Match

Puppies and kittens are generally a good match for each other for several different reasons including:

  • Outside Buddies- Kittens are not always outdoor pets but they can be a play friend for your puppy as they are learning to go outside. You can put both your kitten and puppy on a leash and take them outside for playtime.
  • Hygiene- You will notice that your puppy and kitten will start to clean each other, this is just them telling each other that it is time for a cleaning.
  • Company- When you have to leave the house your pet misses you. Having a puppy and a kitten at home together gives them someone to spend time with on those days when they are all alone.
  • Sleep- Sleeping in a new place can be very scary for young pets, but your new kitten and puppy can cuddle together when they want to sleep.
  • Potty Training- If you are raising a puppy and kitten together, they can be potty trained together and will be able to learn from each other. 
  • House Rules- As you are teaching your dog not to jump on the furniture or to stay in a certain area of the house, you can teach all your pets the same rules. This also makes it easier on your puppy because you’ll be able to discipline them equally.

If you are raising a puppy and a kitten together,  they will most likely be the best of friends for life. Since they are growing up together, they are there for each other.

Note: The advice provided in this post is intended for informational purposes and does not constitute medical advice regarding pets. For an accurate diagnosis of your pet's condition, please make an appointment with your vet.

Do you have questions about taking care of a puppy and a cat? If you need any advice, contact our Hattiesburg and Wiggins vets today!

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