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Tips for Veterinary Boarding for Senior Dogs

Tips for Veterinary Boarding for Senior Dogs

It can be difficult trying to find the right place to leave your dog while you're away. Today, our Hattiesburg and Wiggins vets explain what you should look for in a boarding facility for older dogs and what you can expect.

Selecting a Boarding Facility for Your Senior Dog

Before selecting a boarding facility (also referred to as a kennel) for your canine companion, there are a number of factors that you should be privy to and consider as follows.

Check the Rules & Policies

Before boarding your dog at any facility, be sure to inquire with the staff about the policies, regulations, and rules (including the services that are available to boarding dogs). During this discussion, you may inquire about the type of food that is provided to dogs that do not accompany their specialty food during their stay, the permissible toys (if any) that you may bring from home for your dogs, and the protocols in place for handling emergencies.

Asking about the policies, procedures, and services the facilities offer can help you determine the best home away from home for your dog.

Check Vaccination Requirements

While each dog boarding kennel will have its own criteria for the minimum level of dog vaccinations that must be up to date, they will share some general requirements such as rabies, DHPP, and Bordetella. Make sure you ask a prospective boarding facility about what vaccinations they require, so you can update your pooch's immunizations and produce proof of your dog's vaccinations before their stay. 

Kennels facilitate the rapid transmission of numerous common canine illnesses and diseases. In order to ensure the safety of your dog and the other canines residing at the facility, it is crucial that you comply with the immunization requirements of the boarding facility. 

Visit the Facility Ahead of Time

Kennels that serve as a stay-cation for a lot of pets can get messy quickly. While a boarding facility won't be able to be kept sterile, any high-quality kennel will still look and smell clean and well-kept.

Visit the kennel prior to your dog's stay to ensure that it is well-maintained and tidy, in order to verify that the establishment is suitable for boarding. It is likewise advantageous to locate a facility equipped with surveillance cameras that continuously monitor your dog. This is ideal to have on hand in the event that your senior pet experiences an unexpected situation.

Trust Your Instincts

It is our conviction that placing confidence in one's intuition is an excellent initial measure when selecting a kennel for a canine companion. Seek alternative locations if you find one to be unsettling. If they have a policy that you find objectionable, investigate alternative kennels until you locate one in which you can place complete trust. 

Before & After Your Dog's Stay

Keep Your Emotions in Check

Canines are exceptionally adept at discerning their owners' emotions. Your dog will be able to discern whether you are saying goodbye, overcompensating, or stressed. After you leave, your dog's disposition and conduct will reflect this, making it more difficult for them to unwind. To facilitate the separation, maintain things straightforward, brief, and positive.

Always make sure you inform the boarding facility of any issues your dog has, as well as their eating, drinking, behavior, and exercise habits. This will ensure that your pet is receiving the care they need to live a typical day while away from home.

Behavioral Changes After Boarding

It is essential to understand that your dog may exhibit slightly altered behavior for the first few days following their return from the kennel. Your dog may experience lethargy, clinginess, or diarrhea. They might even consume an excess of food or liquids. Nonetheless, this is an expected reaction to your dog's eagerness to return home. Call your veterinarian if the situation does not improve within a few days.

Boarding Your Elderly Dog at Holland Veterinary Hospitals

We offer high-quality overnight boarding services for dogs and cats in Hattiesburg and Wiggins.

We are thrilled to offer a cozy, hospitable, and comfortable temporary home for your animal companion during your absence from town. We provide medical boarding, private kennels, a distinct boarding area for felines, and an outdoor play area for canines, among other amenities. 

Learn More About Dog Boarding at Holland Veterinary Hospital

Note: The advice provided in this post is intended for informational purposes and does not constitute medical advice regarding pets. Please make an appointment with your vet for an accurate diagnosis of your pet's condition or boarding needs.

Are you looking for a boarding facility to keep your geriatric dog while you're away? Contact our Hattiesburg and Wiggins vets to book your pet's stay at our boarding facility.

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