Our Services


Hospice service is available for pets when they are facing a terminal illness or simply nearing the end of their lives. As long as your furry family member has an opportunity for a quality of life, proper medications and pain preventatives will be administered to keep them with you as long as possible. Our gentle doctors will guide you to know when the time comes to let them go on ahead of you.

When the time comes to say goodbye, our beloved pet will be administered medicine to help them relax and be peaceful. The final drug administration is quick and painless.

Your pet can be turned over intact to you for burial, and cremation services are also available. Either method is a wonderful tribute to your furry family member. Saying goodbye is always difficult, and both you and your beloved pet deserve to be treated with compassion and dignity when that time comes. The caring doctors and staff at Holland Veterinary Hospital are here for the life of your pet, and they will be there when the end comes as well. Call one of our team members to schedule an appointment with one of our doctors if you feel your pet’s time has come.