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Exotics are becoming increasingly popular as pets in Hattiesburg and the surrounding areas. Certain exotics can live long, healthy lives as pets, but proper nutrition, care and husbandry are essential. This means that pet owners need the most accurate and reliable information available to help ensure the health and well-being of their pet. For example, did you know the best foods to feed your exotic, and how often? Do you know how much UV light is optimal, and which type? Should you get a heat rock? Do you know how to tell if your exotic is sick? Do you have questions about proper cage cleaning or any other aspects of care and husbandry? The doctors and staff at Holland Veterinary Hospital is well trained in the care and husbandry of exotics and can give you the information you need to keep your pet looking and feeling great.

Veterinary medicine for exotic pets is growing as the popularity of these animals increases. When pet owners have access to the best information about nutritional and environmental management, exotic pets have a greater chance to live longer, healthier lives. If you own one of these unique pets, we encourage you to schedule a complete physical exam and consultation on proper care and feeding. The experienced doctors and trained staff at Holland Veterinary Hospital can assist you with all of your exotic pet’s needs.