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How often should my pet have an exam and bloodwork?

Frequency of examinations and bloodwork are generally age and condition dependent. This means that the doctors at Holland Veterinary Hospital will need to see an older pet, or a pet with a disease condition more frequently than a young, healthy pet. A general rule is that a pet ages the equivalent of 7 human years each calendar year, so the older your furry friend is, it becomes very important to visit the caring doctors at Holland Veterinary Hospital as recommended.

Why does my pet need a dental procedure?

Our furry family members need dental care for many of the same reasons as people! Without regular oral care, dogs and cats develop a buildup of bacteria known as plaque. Unless these bacteria are removed, they can cause damage to the mouth and teeth. Over time, these bacteria will cause damage to their liver, kidneys, and heart, and can decrease the life-expectancy of your pet. The doctors at Holland Veterinary Hospital recommend yearly dental check-ups as early as one year of age and teeth cleaning as necessary.

How important is nutrition for my pet?

One of the cornerstones of the health of any pet is the quality and amount of food they consume. Poor diet and improper portions can cause some of the same problems that is found in people with poor nutritional habits, including obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and certain types of cancer. The experienced doctors can determine what types of food and the proper amounts are for your furry friend. Call one of the caring team members at Holland Veterinary Hospital and schedule a nutritional counseling appointment today!

How long should I wait to bring my pet in if I notice a change in their behavior?

The doctors at Holland Veterinary Hospital recommend making an appointment for your pet as soon as you notice a change in their usual behavior. Animals will often hide their pain due to their instincts, and a change in their actions can indicate an issue or problem. Behavior changes may also be associated with issues unrelated to their health such as moving to a new home, or welcoming a baby to your household. The doctors at Holland Veterinary Hospital are trained to help determine if changes in your pet are due to health-related issues, so please call one of our caring staff members if you notice a difference in your pet’s behavior.

What if my pet has an after-hours problem?

Not all problems facing our pets or livestock occur during normal business hours. The caring doctors at Holland Veterinary Hospital understand this, and are pleased to offer emergency services to Hattiesburg and the surrounding areas. The same level of care you have come to expect during the day is offered after-hours as well. If your pet or large animal has an after-hours emergency, please call 601-545-6999.

At what age should I have my pet spayed or neutered?

The caring doctors at Holland Veterinary Hospital recommend spaying or neutering your pet when they are between four and six months of age. The size and overall health will be evaluated prior to the surgical event, and your pet’s age may vary based on the results. Remember, not only do these procedures prevent unwanted pregnancies, they can also help prevent certain types of cancers as well. Please call Holland Veterinary Hospital to schedule a spay or neuter for your furry family member today!

What are heartworms and how can I prevent my pet from getting them?

Heartworms are parasites that can affect both dogs as well as cats, and this parasite infection is very common in the Hattiesburg area. Heartworms are transmitted when a mosquito bites an animal which has heartworms, and can transmit them to your pet when they are bitten by an infected mosquito. The best way to approach heartworm disease is prevention. Holland Veterinary Hospital has medications for the prevention of heartworm disease for your dog, as well as your cat. There are a number of types of medications including, topical products, oral medications and injectable drugs, all labeled to prevent heartworm disease. It is crucial to get your pet on prevention as soon as possible, so please call Holland Veterinary Hospital to help prevent this potentially deadly disease.

What financing options do you offer and is payment expected at time of service?

In order to provide the best quality care in the area, payment is due at the time of service at Holland Veterinary Hospital. We accept cash, credit cards, checks and Care Credit. Care Credit is a financing company that works with you to cover medical expenses with low monthly payments.